A smile holds immeasurable power; it gives power to so many individuals that most are unaware of. A child’s smile gives its mother the power to push through another hectic day at work. A friend’s smile helps you push through difficult situations and exams, and a father’s smile gives their children the joy of being children. Your single smile might give a stranger the strength to give life one more chance. And all this can happen without your knowledge. A smile is very powerful, and that’s why our team of the best dentist Bethlehem,PA takes pride in protecting and enhancing the lasting smiles of Bethlehem.

Here’s how we do it:

First, we design

That’s right, every smile is unique, and that’s why, to match your uniqueness, we have a team of experts who design smiles for smile makeovers. A smile makeover is a comprehensive procedure that includes various treatments to beautify your smile and make it even prettier.

The design and customization of a smile take more than just measurements to make it work out. A smile designer has to take into account factors like aesthetics, the science of a healthy bite, and, of course, your preferences. Once your perfect smile is ready, your Dentist in Bethlehem, PA, treats every tooth carefully to give your smile a makeover.

Dentist Bethlehem PA

How does the procedure work?

  • The smile makeover process begins with a dental consultation.
  • After your dentist performs a thorough examination, you will sit down with them to discuss your preferences and how you want your smile to turn out.
  • Based on your set preferences, the dentist will then give you a recommendation of what treatment will work best for you.
  • Once all the problems have been identified, the process of giving you a smile makeover will take place. And to make the experience satisfactory, you can choose from a variety of dental options.

Some of the dentistry options that you can choose from are:

  • Tooth whitening- helps remove discoloration from the teeth.
  • Dental implants- they help to replace broken or missing teeth and offer bone support, which gives balance to your smile.
  • Tooth bonding-  it helps to fix minor tooth-related issues like worn biting surfaces and enamel chips.
  • Filling- a tooth-colored filling replaces your metal filling to better suit your smile.
  • Dental crowns- they help to strengthen damaged or decayed enamel.
  • Invasive braces- these are invisible braces that help straighten crooked and misaligned teeth.
  • Dental bridges- to replace missing teeth.
  • Gum reshaping- to help minimize overbearing gums.
  • Veneers- Porcelain veneers help to create a uniform appearance and give your smile a perfect shape.


Well, don’t be, because that’s why every single team member of Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem is here. We will help guide you through all the options that will work best for you and how you can enhance your smile. With years of experience at our disposal, we have some of the best dentists in Bethlehem, PA.

To book an appointment, click on “Dentist near me,” and we will help you with the rest. And that’s it! Keep smiling, folks!


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