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Your smile is a big part of who you are, and at Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem, we are honored to be your dental health caretakers. Dr. Ajay Patel is a highly skilled general dentist who helps patients maintain great oral health with advanced hygiene, cavity prevention, and state-of-the-art dental treatments.

At the back of the throat, there are several soft-tissue structures that can collapse against the airway, such as the uvula, the back of the tongue, tonsils, and adenoids. During the day, throat muscles keep the airway open but when you sleep, especially if you sleep on your back, the muscles relax and air can be partially or fully blocked by collapsed tissue.

A person with sleep apnea may stop breathing several hundred times every night and each time can be for as long as a minute and even longer. This makes for a poor night’s sleep and chronic fatigue as well as other health problems. This is not a rare condition – many people suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea. Even visits to your doctor may not lead to a diagnosis, as there are no blood tests to detect it and you are breathing normally during the day.

Smile Services

Dr. Patel and his general dentistry team offer the following general dentistry services:

If you or a member of your family experiences fear, stress, or anxiety during the time in the dental chair, Dr. Patel offers conscious sedation with nitrous oxide or oral medication. Conscious sedation allows you to have your treatment or cleaning performed in a safe, relaxed state, free of worry.

Comfortable General Dentistry

It is the little touches that make our general dentistry visits enjoyable and comfortable. You can use our noise-canceling headphones to listen to music from our satellite radio programs during your treatment. Help yourself to our juice and coffee bar. Children are welcome to bring in their favorite DVD to watch during their time in the chair. Our Tempur-Pedic pillows, blankets, and warm towels after treatment help you feel at home in our office.

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