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If you have teeth that are not as strong as they should be due to decay, wear-and-tear, or physical injury, a tooth crown may be just the solution you are looking for to restore strength and improve appearance.

At Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem, we help patients improve their dental health with exceptionally strong and durable porcelain/zirconia crowns. These crowns have a zirconia base with porcelain cured and bonded to the exterior. We do not offer PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns because we feel the metal material is less attractive and may involve safety issues that our patients should not have to worry about.

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Dental Crowns

Benefits of Porcelain/Zirconia Crowns

A crown can be thought of as a suit of armor for your tooth. Once a tooth is fitted with a high-quality crown, it is much stronger than before. Crowns are a wonderful way for you to avoid pulling a tooth that has become less functional due to problems like decay or weakness. For example, a tooth that has had a metal filling in it for many years may have suffered a crack due to the expansion of the metal.

When we treat the tooth with a crown restoration, it retains its original strength and is protected from further damage. The crown makes the tooth fully functional once again. In addition, porcelain/zirconia crowns can improve the appearance of teeth by creating a more attractive shape and color.

Why Great Materials Matter

You may have had dental work in the past that looks good at first but comes loose or wears down within a few months. We feel that our commitment to using high-quality materials really makes a difference in our patients’ outcomes. By choosing high-grade zirconia and porcelain, our dental crown work is more attractive, more natural-looking, and more durable.

Our porcelain/zirconia crowns reflect light like your natural teeth and provide a level of strength that is unmatched by lower-quality dental crowns. With good care, your crown can last 10 years or more. For additional information about dental crowns, please visit our dental crown questions page. We invite you to discover how superior dental crowns can improve the look and function of your smile.

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