Teeth Whitening in Bethlehem, PA

How bright is your smile? If you are not happy with the discoloration of your enamel in recent years, tooth whitening is an easy and affordable way to make a smile improvement without much time or effort. Professional whitening from our office is far more effective than drugstore whitening kits.

Whiten in the Comfort of Home

Professional teeth whitening is a great way to boost your smile confidence and see improvements in a matter of days with very little investment. Our teeth whitening kits involve high-grade, safe bleaching gel that penetrates enamel for deep stain removal. You will be given custom teeth whitening trays and instructed on how to apply the gel, how long to wear the trays, and how often to perform the treatment.

Over-the-Counter Products Do Not Work

Whitening strips and paint-on gels are in every grocery store and drugstore in town. But have you ever completed one of those programs only to wonder why your teeth look the same? These inexpensive kits produce marginal results at best because they are mass-produced, not tailored to individual characteristics, and because they contain only a low percentage of the whitening ingredients as set by law.

Have you ever paid a few extra dollars for “whitening” toothpaste? What these products do not put on the label is that the same abrasive ingredients that claim to remove stains can actually remove precious enamel. Your results with our professional take-home kit will be much more noticeable and safer when supervised by a professional.

How to Use At-Home Whitening

For optimal effectiveness, you will need to follow the instructions. We recommend completing your teeth whitening regimen before pursuing any cosmetic dentistry smile improvements because the whitening gel will not work on dental restorations like dental crowns and tooth-colored fillings.

We invite you to come in and visit us — but first, feel free to view our cosmetic dentistry before and after photos to help you see the amazing results other patients have achieved with our professional whitening system. Our team would be happy to help you find a solution to discoloration and bring your smile up to several shades.