Children’s Dentistry in Bethlehem, PA

We are up-to-date on the many pediatric dentistry issues affecting kids’ teeth and gums today, and we love visits from little ones. Our modern office is a nonthreatening, fun environment that makes going to the dentist easy—not scary—for children.

About Children’s Dentistry

We like to start children on early dental care at around age four. During your child’s dentistry evaluation, we will check to see that their dental arch is developing normally and that there are no airway conditions that could potentially cause obstruction, such as enlarged tonsils or adenoids. We will perform gentle cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sometimes sealants to protect molars from decay.

The dentist will do a full mouth evaluation, checking for any signs of faulty jaw development, a bad bite, or tooth misalignment. As teeth come in and your child grows, it is important to make sure the various aspects of his or her dental health are on the right track. We also check for allergies that may cause swelling or sleep issues like snoring and sleep apnea.

Instilling Smile Confidence

It is never too early to help children develop a sense of self-confidence in their smile. At our Lansdale family dentistry practice, we feel that empowering kids to take care of their teeth and gums is a great way to instill a sense of responsibility. We use simple images to help explain the concept of dental care and illustrate what can happen without proper care.

When you are preparing for your child’s first visit, you can create excitement about the excursion and let their smile health be a source of pride. It is good for children to understand that tooth care is a personal thing, and that their mouth can stay healthy and happy with good home care and help from the dentist. We are happy to have your family as our guests and we promise to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.

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