Your Family Needs an Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem PA

Being a parent and having little kids running around can be stressful. Especially when one of you kids falls and possibly breaks a tooth or is just having tooth pain and you don’t know why. Well, Lasting Smiles knows this hard and wants to help. Our emergency dentist in Bethlehem is here for all of yours and your children’s dental needs.

If you have a dental emergency just call us ahead and we will be ready for you!

Why Lasting Smiles?

Lasting smiles is a family dentist office that covers almost everything. If you are having a toothache and need a root canal, we can do that for you. If your child trips and chips their front tooth, we can do that for you. Anything you or your child needs, is our priority.

We are a trusted emergency dentist in Bethlehem and we want you to feel like you can call us in an emergency. We want you to feel like you are more than just your chart and trust us with you and your family. We take the time to get to know you and your smile.

What emergency services do you provide?

Our emergency dentist in Bethlehem can offer anything you need. Call our office and we will bring you in as soon as possible to get your smile back to the way it needs to be.

Like we said, it could be a problem with you or your child. Finding a dentist office that you can trust is so hard, and we want to be that for you.

Some of the services we can provide for you are chipped tooth repair, teeth cleaning, cavity fillings, root canal, and etc. All of these things are considered urgent to us if you are in pain and need to come in.

When to know when to call?

We asked one of our friends to bring up a personal story to discuss the importance of emergency dentistry.

“When I was about the age of six, I was at my local swimming pool at a swim meet. It was the last meet of the year, and all of the kids were going crazy.

This led to kids hyped up on sugar and running around the pool area, something you are not supposed to do. Well, my friend Emily ended up tripping and chipping her front tooth in half. She instantly started crying and her mom started to freak out.

My mom suggested our local dentist office emergency services. So Emily’s mom decided to call, not even being a patient yet and try to get her in. They instantly said yes and met at the office, and Emily’s tooth was fixed that day.”

We always strive to offer the best pediatric dental care when it comes to emergencies. Making sure your kids feel comfortable and safe when experiencing a dental emergency is also crucial to our practice.

This is the type of care that we want to bring to you. If you are near us, an emergency dentist in Bethlehem PA could be this place for you. We want to be there for you kids and give them the smile they deserve. So if you are one of our patients or want to be one patient, don’t be afraid to call us in an emergency.

For more information regarding our dental clinic, or to schedule a dental appointment, visit us online or call us today at 610-861-0777. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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