Why Everyone is Choosing a Bethlehem Dental Clinic

As a Bethlehem dental clinic, Lasting smiles has continued to serve patients of all ages throughout the years. We offer an array of services that continues to allow us to serve anyone that is in need of dental help. With years of experience in the dental health world, our dentists continue to provide the expert dental services that have been provided since we opened our doors. Many people have heard of specific services but you may not have heard all that our Bethlehem dental clinic can do.

First off, we continue to provide just about every dental care service you can imagine. We provide the whole Lehigh valley with regular dental check-in and cleanings, along with a number of cosmetic dentistry services to make your smile look outstanding. As a family dentistry office, we see a lot of smiles that have been broken down and dwindled over the years.

If you do happen to come into our office and find that you have lost a tooth, we can replace that with a dental crown. This service happens to be the oldest way of protecting teeth from further damage as well. Dental crowns and bridges have grown even more popular through recent years due to the pandemic keeping everyone inside, leading to big snack times and lots of junk food indulging.

When coming in for check-in, we have a perfect service if our dentists find a cavity. We provide natural-looking white composite fillings that help stop the decay of the tooth while keeping the natural beauty. This is a perfect example of the restorative dentistry work we provide.

However, when a smile is over the point in restoring, we may recommend a full smile makeover. With a smile makeover, we would bring your smile to the Hollywood level everyone dreams to have their smile at.

Whenever you come into our office in need of our services, you will first be assessed and then a plan of action will be decided. Although we are the dental experts, we never make a decision without you agreeing to it first so we focus on finding what you want to do first. We pride ourselves in the amount of services we can provide each patient.

However, if you prefer one procedure over another, we will find a way to make that work. Our dentists focus on consulting with each patient first before going right into each procedure. They bring a high focus on explaining what’s happening in each patient’s mouth in the simplest terms so everyone understands exactly what is happening with their smile.

At Lasting Smiles, we understand the importance of our Bethlehem dental clinic and how we are called to serve people of all ages. We continued our work throughout the pandemic whenever a dental emergency arose but still look forward to serving more individuals throughout the Lehigh Valley. If you are in need of our services, visit our website here or please call the office at (610) 861-0777. We’re happy to answer any questions our current and potential patients have!

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