Understanding Teeth Whitening in Bethlehem PA

The process of teeth whitening in Bethlehem PA is simply improving the appearance of your teeth. This can be a desirable process depending on the condition of a patient’s teeth and is especially helpful when teeth are stained. This procedure can have physical and mental benefits, as improving your smile can offer extreme boosts of confidence.

Teeth whitening is a wonderful, somewhat permanent solution to stained and yellowed teeth. With advances in dental procedures and technology, this procedure is painless and has become extremely simple. Our dental office offers professional at-home teeth whitening kits, so you can improve your smile from the comfort of your couch.

Before undergoing any teeth whitening procedure, it is recommended that you consult with your dentist. While this procedure is extremely safe, it’s always good to get a professional opinion on potential cosmetic procedures. Your dentist may suggest other procedures than teeth whitening.

The main factors that cause teeth to become stained are coffee, tea, and dark-colored beverages. People who regularly consume these beverages should consider teeth whitening procedures as a way to protect their teeth from these factors. It’s not uncommon to see a dramatic change after undergoing such a procedure, and you should keep in mind that the results can vary from person to person.

When it comes to reviews, we let our before and after pictures speak for themselves. We recommend our teeth whitening kits over other over-the-counter methods for a similar reason; our stuff works. Some of these wholesale teeth whitening kits will steal your money with a low-tier solution. When you work with our dental office, you get peace of mind knowing we can provide exceptional service.

While the results of teeth whitening procedures can last for years, they are not permanent. They will continue to yellow due to the natural aging process and other factors. But, if you take care of your teeth, the results can last for a lifetime. It’s also important to avoid habits that reduce the effectiveness of teeth whitening procedures. A few of these habits can make the results of your procedures even longer. So, it’s vital to take good care of your smile and not neglect your dental health.

While teeth whitening in Bethlehem PA is a trusted source for improving the appearance of your teeth, we offer a wide list of other cosmetic services that are more permanent. Dental veneers and implants are two examples of other procedures that we provide.

Dental veneers are made up of thin sheets of porcelain that are custom-made to fit perfectly on your teeth. While they can cover up stains and yellow teeth, they’re also useful for any chips or cracks in your visible teeth. Veneers are a much more permanent solution compared to teeth whitening, but both methods are effective.

For more information regarding teeth whitening in Bethlehem PA, be sure to visit our services page, or call us today at 610-861-0777. Cosmetic dentistry can be overwhelming, but with the right dental center as your guide, you can greatly benefit from these procedures.

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