Tremendous Care from a Pediatric Dentist in Bethlehem PA

Being a parent, we know you are juggling so many things and want the best for your child. The Lasting Smiles Pediatric Dentist in Bethlehem PA also feels this way. We know your child is your first priority, and they’re ours too!

Your children’s teeth are important, and it’s crucial to introduce them to proper dental habits at an early age. With the help of frequent dental visits, this can be achieved.

Why Lasting Smiles?

Lasting smiles is a Pediatric Dentist in Bethlehem PA that you can trust, and a place you can trust your kids with. We have experience in the pediatric dental world, and we want to give that experience to your child. We put our patients first and believe in providing the best dental care possible.

Reviews are a great indicator of the quality of dental care you’ll receive from a dentist. We’re proud of our reviews, and we showcase them on our website.

What To Expect At The First Visit

When choosing a Lasting Smiles Pediatric Dentist in Bethlehem PA you are making the right choice for your child.

We can start taking care of your children at the first sign of baby teeth. During their first appointment, we are just checking to make sure that everything is coming in right and there is nothing wrong that we need to fix. These can be things such as checking their jaw, checking their bite, and making sure their teeth are coming in correctly.

From there we can move into an easy clean to make sure your children don’t develop cavities and develop problems down the line. If your child is experiencing some tooth decay, we will go in with a sealant to protect their teeth from further decay and pain.

Also with this, we will check to see if your child has any dental related allergies. These allergies can cause swelling, sleep insomnia, and snoring.

All of these things will be checked on the first visit so we can protect your child!

We want you to feel safe and trust our dental office. By doing this, we can promise you we will provide the best dental care for your child and you can feel safe with them in our chair.

To schedule an appointment, call our office or check out our website! We’re happy to answer any questions about pediatric dentistry that you have.

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