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At our Dentist in Bethlehem PA, we like to earn the trust of our customers one person at a time. We value the opinions of our patients as we consistently strive to improve our dental services.

As we work toward the goal of good dental care, we will treat you with care and empathy. Most people associate a dentist with pain and stress, but here at Lasting Smiles, we strive to create a positive and relaxing environment for our patients.

Over the course of the years, Dr. Stephen Sulzbac has tried to make his mission clear. To serve as an information source so our patients understand what treatment best fits them. Dr. Sulzbac wants to ensure that our patients know that a lack of dental care can not only affect the mouth but the entire body.

Dentistry and medicine are one and the same and work simultaneously to promote a healthy body. Our doctors also work to treat sleep apnea and snoring with unique dental techniques. We work to treat craniofacial pain disorder, headaches, migraines, and TMJ which is the temporomandibular joint.

Millions of people suffer from this disorder and don’t have access to proper family dentistry to get it treated. Our dentist in Bethlehem PA is working to change that narrative.

Our dentistry in Bethlehem uses advanced technology for root canals and dental implants. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of gum disease.

To fight this Dr. Sulzbac uses ARESTIN and periodontal therapy. This is an antibiotic that is applied to the infection and works wonders.

We have a Dentist in Bethlehem PA who uses the VELscope to determine if you are at risk of oral cancer. The VELscope detects tissue changes in the tongue using blue light technology.

Normally the tongue will light up in distinct patterns. If you are at risk of oral cancer, this pattern may change. This technology is used in conjunction with normal oral cancer screening.

Along with the other services that our Dentist in Bethlehem PA provides, they also provide dental x-rays. These digital images are crucial to your procedures.

We offer intraoral and extraoral x-rays. During an intraoral x-ray, a digital sensor is placed inside the mouth and the pictures are scanned for diagnosis.

Extraoral x-rays are done using a machine outside of the patient using digital images that reduce radiation.

It is important to us that we keep not only your mouths clean, but our environment as well. We make sure to sterilize our equipment using autoclaves before use. We try to use single use equipment as often as possible, eliminating the need to continuously clean tools.

Your safety and well-being are our number one concern, so Dr. Sulzbac has provided our patient who plays sports with the ideal mouthguard. Over 5 million people lose teeth due to an athletic injury every year. With this knowledge, it’s important to us that our patients stay protected with a mouthguard individually fit to protect your teeth.

If you want teeth whitening strategies, oral care, or any dental services, be sure to visit our website or give us a call at 610-861-077.

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