Sleep Apnea Treatment in Bethlehem, PA

Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed and is linked to serious health issues including heart disease. If you have some of the signs of sleep apnea, it is important to see a sleep apnea dentist for proper diagnosis and effective treatment. Dr. Stephen Sulzbach, our skilled Lansdale sleep apnea dentist, helps patients find relief from the disruptive and often dangerous effects of sleep apnea with advanced, highly personalized treatments.

Diagnosis and Sleep Studies

Dr. Sulzbach does in-depth research into each patient’s unique apnea issues, both through diagnostic testing and observation. One way he gathers information is through sleep studies at a local sleep clinic. These sleep studies are extremely valuable for identifying and evaluating the symptoms of apnea that occur when patients are unaware.

We treat patients of all ages, including children with sleep apnea symptoms starting at age 4, taking a preventive, early-treatment approach with the goal of eliminating potential threats before they affect overall health.

Treatment Options

Depending on the characteristics of your condition, Dr. Sulzbach may recommend one or more treatment options to improve breathing and airflow. Some patients respond well to conservative measures like simple lifestyle adjustments. Weight loss, alcohol avoidance, optimal sleep positioning, and exercise efforts are some of the ways apnea can be minimized.

In the past, people suffering from the symptoms of sleep apnea had relatively few choices for sleep apnea treatment. Nasal appliances and the much-hated CPAP machine used to be just about the only way to treat sleep apnea. Thanks to advances in dentistry and dental technology, neuromuscular dentists like Dr. Sulzbach are bringing relief and comfort to sleep apnea patients nationwide. Dr. Sulzbach’s neuromuscular dentistry training has given him extremely useful knowledge about the connection between sleep apnea and TMJ misalignment and effective techniques for sleep apnea and TMJ treatment such as nighttime oral orthotic devices.

Do not take any chances with your health. Learn about advanced sleep apnea treatments at Towamencin Dentistry and how getting proper attention can improve your quality of life. We offer free consultations and a friendly, relaxed environment. Please contact our sleep apnea dentist today to schedule your visit.

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