Gum Care From Your Bethlehem Dental Clinic

Here at this Bethlehem dental clinic, we see plenty of cases of gum disease everyday. Prevention of gum disease is a major goal for everyone, but if you’ve already got gingivitis or another form of gum disease, then immediate treatment is needed to preserve the integrity of your oral health. Early gum disease treatment can help you maintain healthy, strong gums by reducing inflammation, restoring the blood flow to the gums, helping to prevent the formation of tartar, and reducing any pain or bleeding.

In today’s article, we’ll be going over some common and helpful prevention methods and gum disease treatments that we recommend for all our patients. Gum disease is serious, and can have lasting physical and mental effects on your health.

Recognizing the early signs of gum disease is key. If you’re experiencing swollen, sensitive, bleeding, or receding gums, you might be a victim of this painful disease. We specialize in gum care, and you won’t find another Bethlehem dental clinic that’s more experienced in this field.

You should visit your local Bethlehem dental clinic at least twice each year for professional cleaning and to check on the health of your gums. If gingivitis is left untreated, it can progress into periodontitis, a condition that requires surgical measures. If your gums do not recede after your first professional cleaning, you should schedule a second appointment for possible gum disease. He may also instruct you to apply a special mouthwash that targets bacteria and has a high-enough level of activity to kill gingivitis-causing bacteria.

After diagnosing gum disease, your dentist will remove plaque and bacteria through root planing and scaling. Root planing involves the careful surgical scraping off part or all of a tooth’s roots. This procedure stimulates the gums to grow tissue and eliminate the pockets of bacteria and infection that have grown around the roots.

If you haven’t already been following a regular oral hygiene routine, this Bethlehem dental clinic will push one onto you after handling your gum disease. Brushing and flossing twice a day can significantly lower your risk of oral health issues, especially gingivitis. Flossing removes plaque from between your teeth and gums. It also pulls out any hard and abrasive particles that could cause tartar and periodontal pockets to grow. Cleaning your mouth involves removing the food, drink, and other materials that are stuck in between your teeth and gums.

After root planing and other procedures, general check-ins with your dentist are great for you as a patient. Our dental staff are experts in their fields, but double checking their work and ensuring that everything is alright can save you from any headache down the road. If you or a loved one suspects that you have some sort of gum disease, it’s important to call a Bethlehem dental clinic immediately. Reach us by phone at 610-861-0777 or visit us online for more information about gum care.

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