Gingivitis Care from a Dentists in Bethlehem PA

When a dental emergency arises, a valley hospital may only be able to help you so much. No matter the emergency, Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem will be able to offer you the best dental care in the Lehigh Valley. While we do offer many emergency services, we also provide the basic dental services that every dentist offers. As a dentists in Bethlehem PA, however, we look to completely remove anything that contributes to the development of gingivitis in the mouth.

However, the amount of expertise that we provide to each client outweighs everything. From the moment our clients step inside the office, they know they’re at the right place for dentistry in Bethlehem.

Our dental experts first examine every smile that comes into the office and after a short examination, we then explain the findings very clearly. With regular dental cleanings, we are able to stop the development of gingivitis and other bacteria building up in the mouth. With our thorough teeth cleaning process, we take away any tar that has been missed with the toothbrush.

Most people know what gingivitis roughly means, but not every patient is fully versed in the definition. Although no one wants to develop periodontal disease, this is the most common of them all. Gingivitis is especially relevant in teens as they lack the dedication to oral health at times.

When we are younger that may seem like a convenient idea but that is why our dentists at Lasting Smiles see a lot of young teens with gingivitis. However, how does one treat these early signs of development?

Gingivitis going untreated can be detrimental to your overall oral health in the future. As you progress through life, the importance of thoroughly brushing your teeth grows astronomically. Although it may take time, the inflammation of the gums can be stopped. Our dentists in Bethlehem PA have studied many years on how to implement a sort of cleaning process that treats the gums on their way to recovery.

When you enter our office for a biannual cleaning, we establish what your mouth needs right away. We first scrape any tar off of the teeth and thoroughly brush them. After the cleaning process is finished, we then can place fluoride and different products in your mouth to help with the inflammation.

When you look at each process that we do at Lasting Smiles, you learn that we cannot do everything for your smile. We do all that we can and go above and beyond to educate you on what needs to be done.

Not enough people are actively brushing their teeth at ideal times. Brushing your teeth after a meal or before you go to bed is the ideal timeframe. With good practices at home, you can completely halt the inflammation process. This is especially important as you continue to grow older and you continue to age.

First off, gingivitis contributes to the development of bad breath. Imagine going out on a date and having to explain to your partner that because of your laziness when it comes to oral hygiene, you’ve developed gum disease, a serious dental problem.

At Lasting Smiles, we have developed a cleaning system that could help prevent that from happening.

Another factor that comes from gingivitis is pain in the gums. With gingivitis developing and progressing in the mouth, your gums will become even more sensitive. At Lasting Smiles, we have been able to help care for your gums while working to stop the inflammation altogether.

The amount of people that are infected with gum disease is much higher than you’d anticipate. Our dental experts have perfected the cleaning process to give you and your smile a shiny look with each visit. Whether you are in need of an emergency visit or just a biannual cleaning, we can help. Although the process to reverse the effects of gingivitis may take a lot of dedication on your part, trust us when we say that it is totally worth it.

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