Family Dental Clinic in Bethlehem, PA Talks Teeth Brushing

Many parents bring their child to a family dental clinic in Bethlehem, PA with the same complaint: “I can’t get my kid to brush their teeth.” At such a young age, many children view brushing their teeth as a chore. Children don’t understand the importance of maintaining your teeth while you are young. To help get your child brushing their teeth regularly, we have compiled a list of our top tips and tricks.

1. Brush your teeth with them

Children learn by example and often will try to copy what you do. If your child doesn’t understand the importance of brushing their own teeth, show them that you do. When 8:00pm rolls around and you’re trying to get your child ready for bed, grab your tooth brush and hop in the bathroom with them.

Not only will this help set a good example, but it will also ensure they are brushing their teeth for the recommended two minutes. The same goes for flossing; if they see you doing it, they will be more likely to try it themselves.

2. Make it a game

Many parents detest turning things into games, specifically when it comes to messing around at the dinner table. However, turning toothbrushing into a game has very few consequences and can help get your child to do it in the first place. If you want to ensure your child brushes their teeth for two minutes, try playing their favorite song as they brush. When the song ends, your child can stop brushing and hop in bed.

If you’re having an especially hard time getting your child to last the whole two minutes, try getting them to brush their teeth in smaller segments. One way to do this would be to use 30 second commercial breaks. Every commercial break, have your child brush one quadrant of their mouth. Four commercial breaks later and your child will be all ready for bed.

3. Buy kid-appropriate toothbrushes

Of course, size is one of the big differences between an adult toothbrush and a child’s toothbrush, but many children will feel more incentivized to brush their teeth with a fun-colored toothbrush. The next time you have to replace your child’s toothbrush, opt for something with a fun design such as a dinosaur or a unicorn.

You will also want to opt for an electric toothbrush instead of a manual one. Most kids will struggle to clean their teeth thoroughly, so our family dental clinic in Bethlehem, PA recommends buying an electric toothbrush. This will help ensure the most effective clean with the toothbrush’s built-in little circle movements. You can also let them pick their favorite flavor of toothpaste to help get them on board.

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to supplementing your dental routine with fluoride, Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem is here to help. Lasting Smiles is a family dental clinic in Bethlehem, PA in the Lehigh Valley.

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