Denture Dilemma! To Implant Dentures Or To Not?

Whenever we think about dentures, the very first thought that pops up in our minds is the picture of our grandparents. Right? Because that’s the truth, most of the people we have ever seen using dentures are the people who lost their teeth due to old age. But does that mean it’s the end of the world if your dentist in Bethlehem proposed the use of the same for you? No, no, it’s absolutely normal, or even better, to have dentures and have a healthy life than dealing with unhealthy teeth and the toothache that comes with it.


So here is your reminder that no one is too young to get dentures.


Many teens and adults use them

It might come as a surprise or a lie but it is true, in fact, according to a study done across 19 countries it was found that an average of 19% of the population wear a denture of some form. The only reason why you don’t know many is because just like you they are also fussing over the fact and keeping it a secret.


The right decision is what matters

Making the right decision is necessary when it comes to dentures because your life quality depends on it. The simple reasoning behind this thought is the fact that people use dentures as a shortcut to avoid all the care and maintenance it takes to keep natural teeth healthy.


Although dentures require less care they still need maintenance and no denture can compete with natural and healthy teeth which is why you must consult your Bethlehem Family Dentist to make the right decision.

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The technology is far ahead than you think

If you think that getting dentures means you’ll have to deal with a bulky plate of teeth sitting awkwardly at your gums, then you are far away from the truth. The dentures that you get today are thin and very natural-looking dentures that are made specially to fit you.


Confidence and self-love

Missing or unhealthy teeth are often a cause of major insecurity in people of every age. But getting a pair of dentures can help to boost your confidence and morale up to the roof and help you smile openly in public.

Want to try fitted dentures? 

Are you worried about dislodging your dentures while blowing candles and want to go one step further to get them fitted? Then you must consult your dentists in Bethlehem PA because there are several conditions that you have to meet before getting implants. Like there must be a certain amount of jaw bone density to uphold the weight of the implants for a long time.

And some gum health problems are also a factor that can make it impossible for you to get implants.

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Final words

Getting a consultation from an expert dentist before deciding on anything is important because they have more information on the topic. And who knows, maybe there is another great option that you are not aware of.

Finally, if you are looking for the best dentist in Bethlehem PA you can visit Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem. Here you will find some of the most hospitable dentists who will care for any of your teeth-related anxiety and offer you the best dental services based on their years of experience and knowledge.

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