Tackle cavities with dental sealants.

“Go brush your teeth or the cavity monster will attack you!” I am sure you have grown up hearing your mother and dentist near me scare you about the cavity monster and how you won’t be able to eat your favorite candies after you get cavities. But we were too young to realize why it was so important to brush our teeth. Now that some of us ourselves have that painful cavity eating away at our enamel, it’s now clear why oral health is important.


What causes cavities?

Cavities are the result of years of carelessness in maintaining oral health. Our teeth, especially the molars, and premolars, are vulnerable to getting cavities because they have complex grooves. These grooves or fissures are so minutes that they are difficult to clean even with a brush. This is why the plaque starts building up in those fissures. Bacteria start growing in these areas, and when these bacteria release acid, it starts attacking the enamel on the surfaces of the teeth, which causes cavities.

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How can we save our teeth from cavities?

Normally, fluoride is used to prevent decay, but there is another method that is even better than using fluoride. The said method is dental sealants; these sealants are so effective that they protect your teeth even if you don’t floss your teeth twice a day or make tooth-harming drinks every day.

How do dental sealants work?

Dental sealants fill the small grooves and fissures located on your teeth, including the areas that are hard to clean. Once placed, these sealants work as a defensive shield over your enamel against foreign tooth-decaying elements.

Along with that, it also creates a smooth surface over the top of your teeth, which helps to clean them easily.

Benefits of dental sealants

  • Sealants are white or clear in color.
  • They do not take much time to apply.
  • Applying sealants is a painless procedure.
  • This procedure doesn’t require injection or drilling.
  • These sealants are safe and do not dissolve in saliva.

How sealants are applied?

  • Sealants are easy to apply after the doctor prepares your teeth by properly cleaning and drying them.
  • Then the dentist put in the sealant, which is a thin layer of liquid.
  • Once the application is done, we need to give the sealant time to settle and harden under a special light.

One bonus of getting the sealants is that they last for years once they are placed.

Bottom line

Healthy teeth are important to experience exquisite tastes from all around the world and to make sure you don’t miss out on the experience, sealants are a great way. Add daily cleaning of your teeth along with the sealants, and you are good to go.

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