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Damaged teeth can cause many problems and discomfort in a person’s life, and ignoring the problem will only worsen the situation. That is why visiting a dentist on time should be your main priority if you have any tooth-related problem. To find a reliable dentist in your locality, search for an Emergency Dentist near me’ or visit Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem more about them at the end.

So for the damaged tooth part, if they are not fillable, the dentist usually goes with the process called crown to protect the tooth from further damage.

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Cases that need dental crowns

There are several situations where your dentist might suggest you get dental crowns, for example:

  • To protect the already damaged and weak tooth
  • To help with filling if only a tiny part of the tooth is left
  • To cover a dental implant or misshaped tooth
  • To restore broken teeth
  • To make the smile perfect

Factors you need to remember while getting crowns for teeth

Three major factors come into play while crowing, which are

  • The durability of the crown
  • Strength of the crown
  • Cost of the crown

You need to keep all three things in mind to get the best experience out of the process.

Types of crown

Crowns come in many different materials, including:

  • Composite resin
  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Zirconia
  • Other mixtures of materials

For the selection process of the material of the crown, the dentist will have to consider factors like the location, condition of the gum tissue, etc. After proper analysis, your dentist will decide which material is most suitable for your teeth.

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Procedure for a dental crown

There are two types of procedures: same-day and multi-day procedures

Same-day procedure

  • This procedure starts with the dentist taking a picture of your mouth.
  • Then the dentist scans the photo to create a crown for the desired tooth.
  • After the crown is complete, the dentist places the crown on the tooth.
  • This entire procedure takes only one day, hence the name same-day procedure.

Multi-day procedure

  • The dentist examines your damaged tooth, X-rays it, and makes a mold of your tooth and mouth.
  • Then the damaged tooth is filed down to take its impression along with the surrounding teeth.
  • The impression helps to create a crown that fits your teeth (this procedure takes time).
  • Once the crown is ready, the dentist will cement it to your tooth.

These procedures take several weeks to complete. That is also the reason why everyone calls it a multi-day procedure.

Where can I get a dental crown?

Although you can search for “emergency dentist near me” on your search engine, if you don’t have anyone trustworthy, visit Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem. Here, you can find dentists with decades of experience treating every patient with care. One thing is for sure: if you visit Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem, your teeth are going to be fine, and you will soon be leaving with a big and healthy smile.



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