Authentic Dentistry with a Bethlehem Dental Center

General care from a Bethlehem dental center is an important aspect of overall oral health care. General dentistry covers a wide scope of dental procedures aimed at prevention and treatment of dental problems. General dentists can be general practitioners, cosmetic dentists, or implant dentists. General dentists perform preventive dental work like teeth cleaning, cavity fillings and minor gum surgery. General dental checkups are performed once a year.

General Dentistry: General dentistry covers a wide scope of restorative and preventive dental work aimed at maintaining oral overall health. It does not specialize in any particular portion of dentistry but encompasses a whole range of dental treatments and procedures for patients of all ages. Some of the common services that a general dentist provides include tooth decay diagnosis and management, comprehensive fluoride treatment, crowns and dentures, jaw disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

A general dentist provides basic patient care such as tooth cleanings and cavity fillings. However, because of their broad scope of services they also provide specific customized patient care, such as in the case of complex dental problems or those requiring additional examinations and treatment. A general dentist normally has several dental offices located in various cities or towns.

Emergency Dental Care: Emergency dental care can be helpful when a patient undergoes an accident that destroys or damages their teeth. Such conditions may include severe gum disease, bleeding gums, or an abscess. General dentists can provide emergency dental care by covering these situations with antibiotics. Dentists commonly practice emergency dentistry, but a dentist can commonly provide emergency dental care without the assistance of a general dentist.

A general dental care provider usually provides monthly or weekly cleaning services. These services include cleaning the front of the mouth, removing plaque buildup, removing stains, cleaning the tongue, removing gum disease spaces, and polishing and restoring teeth surfaces.

These are some of the basic services provided by our Bethlehem dental center. In addition, a primary care provider usually makes visits to the dentist’s office for tooth extraction, tooth cleaning, and other specific needs related to gum disease. These visits to the office of a dentist are called in-office care, and they are generally made on an annual basis. These are examples of primary care providers.

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