Amazing Braces From Your Bethlehem Dental Clinic

When it comes to our smiles, our teeth should be as clean as can be, but if our smile is crooked and has gaps it can really deplete our confidence. As a top Bethlehem dental clinic, we at Lasting Smiles know how to fix these problems! Braces are a perfect fix to those natural gaps in your smile. At Lasting Smiles, Dr. Stephen Suizbach will know exactly what to do with your smile before you even come into our family dental office.

Don’t know anything about this service? No worries! Many people don’t necessarily know the reason for braces, so let’s talk about why someone would potentially need them. Braces are usually used to straighten our teeth that aren’t in alignment, which usually happens when you are at a younger age. When adolescents lose all their baby teeth and find themselves with gaps in their teeth, this service is perfect to fix it.

At our Bethlehem dental clinic, we provide family dentistry work that’s necessary to service all needs orthodontically like our braces services. About 20 percent of people with braces are adults at the moment. That is because our adolescent years are the perfect time to shift teeth in order to make them fit our mouths as well!

Now, going into further detail about why you may need braces, we find that adult braces are becoming even more common as the years go by. There are numerous ways to tell that braces are needed. The first in which your teeth are crooked and/or crooked. This is usually an easy fix especially when an adolescent has just lost all of their baby teeth.

Another way to tell if you need braces or not can be seen through flossing. If you struggle to floss over crooked teeth then our dental care will help you immensely. There are many more ways to tell if you need braces, but consulting with our Bethlehem dental clinic is a perfect first step to finding exactly what you need. With the expertise of Dr. Suizbach, Lasting Smiles’ Bethlehem dental clinic can guarantee you that you’ll receive the right work done to your smile!

Braces are an important step to getting that perfect smile. However, if you prefer a substitute. We offer Invisalign services which give you the same effects of braces. This service gives you an alternative that is not visible and still helps straighten your teeth. If your teeth are stained and yellow, then teeth whitening might be the perfect service from our state of the art dental health facility.

Invisalign and braces are just two of our orthodontic services that work to perfect your smile. We have many more ways to help your teeth be as beautiful as ever! Regardless of what you and your pearly white friends need, our clinic is here for you every step along the way. To learn more about our dental services, check out our website here! Or, reach us by phone at 610-861-0777. We look forward to hearing from you for any cosmetic dentistry needs!

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